Undertaking a Guarantee

High standard medical work is provided by the Solydent Dentistry. Only materials and processes meeting the most stringent quality assurance requirements are used during the dental treatments in accordance with the international and national standards. If the tooth restoration made by us is not suitable for proper usage because of errors occurred in the dental laboratory or in the doctor’s office, then the Solydent Dentistry takes over the costs of reconstruction including the transfer and accommodation charges.

We assume guarantee under the following conditions

  • After the treatment, the patient shall appear for at least one oral hygiene post treatment each year and shall also at the required control visits.
  • Oral hygiene is good, the prosthesis is properly kept clean.
  • The prosthesis is properly used.
  • The dental tool is not exposed to trauma, bone or gum diseases.
  • All invoices have been settled.

Guarantee periods for dental treatments

  • Fillings: 1 year
  • Fixed prostheses: 3 years
  • Removable prostheses: 2 years
  • Fixing elements (pressure buttons) for removable prostheses: 1 year
  • Implants: Alpha Bio: 3 years; Ankylos, Nobel Biocare: 10 years

Validity of guarantee for dental treatments

Our clinic does not undertake guarantee in the following cases:

  • The patient has not appeared for the annual control examination.
  • The prosthesis is not properly kept clean, the oral hygiene is insufficient.
  • The prosthesis is not properly used.
  • The removable prosthesis is damaged mechanically (due to falling down, martial sports), or chemically due to chemicals (concentrated alcohol, chemicals).
  • Disease of the stomatognathic system due to systemic, infectious and tumour diseases or their treatment. Accidents and the consequences of emergency interventions necessary as a result.
  • Problems due to psychic and other mental diseases.
  • Significant loss of weight by the patient in a short time.
  • Root treatment of the tooth is required due to previous treatments (filling, crown preparation).

The treatment schedule is only for reference. Changes may occur during the performance of the scheduled treatments which may affect the preliminary calculation.
I the undersigned ..................... have understood the treatment schedule, accept the offer, and give my consent to the treatments.

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