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Travel information

Győr lies on the innovative axis of Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest, has excellent transport and is one of the most dynamically developing towns of Hungary. Owing to these factors, it is easily approachable by any means of transport. The county town is a nationally significant junction of railway and road traffic.

Travelling by train, the most important line is the Vienna-Budapest line, but the Győr-Sopron line (owned by the Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway Company), the Győr-Celldömölk line and the Győr-Veszprém line (both owned by MÁV, the Hungarian state railway) also meet here.

A number of main roads meet in Győr, and the M1 motorway is accessible from several parts of the town, making getting around ideal. The M1 motorway makes it easy to reach the airports of Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava. Patients, who come from far away, for as much as arrivig by plane, from airports of Budpaest and Wien we can provide free transport service, if arriving by car we can provide free and closed parking. Our three and four star hotels are fully equipped; staying in them makes waiting and recovery time more pleasant.

All these make Győr an easily approachable town. If you would like to get more information about your options, there are separate menus for the most popular ways of transport on the homepage.


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