Travel and accommodation

Győr has excellent transport and is one of the most dynamically developing towns of Hungary. Owing to these factors, it is easily approachable by any means of transport. The county town is a nationally significant junction of railway and road traffic.

Travelling by train, the most important line is the one between Vienna and Budapest; a large number of international trains arrive at our station

A number of main roads meet in Győr, and the M1 motorway is accessible from several parts of the town, making getting around ideal. The M1 motorway provides a fast route to both Budapest and Vienna, and makes it easy to reach the airports of Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava.

All these make Győr an easily approachable town. If you would like to get more information about your options, please read on as there is detailed information on different means of transport to help you with your choice.

The town also abounds with accommodation, but we would like to draw your attention to Hotel Kálvária found next to Solydent, which meets all requirements for guests both from Hungary and abroad. You can also find further information on the hotel in the menu below.

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