Tooth whitening


Professional whitening with Philip's ZOOM lamp.

Spectacular tooth whitening can be attained by just a single use of a safe and quick procedure, during which the effect of a special light source and the gel containing hydrogen peroxide are combined.

It is important to point out that teeth whitening can only be performed with high efficiency on original teeth without previous root canal treatment. If necessary, tartar and other stains must be removed before starting the actual whitening. Tooth whitening is not painful, but can cause temporary tooth sensitivity, which is an absolutely normal reaction and completely disappears within 1-2 days.

With adequate oral hygiene, teeth whitened with multiple shades can last a lifetime, however, the end result naturally depends on eating habits and lifestyle (coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and alcohol, besides food and drinks containing other food-coloring).
If you would like to ensure perfect whiteness, then we recommend combined tooth whitening. After the non-negligible professional tooth cleaning, we perform the ZOOM tooth whitening and then provide bleaching splints prepared based on prints, a complete at-home, night-time, tooth whitening kit and a special desensitizing gel. Thus, the results previously achieved can be maintained continuously.

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 ZOOM teeth whitening is an effective and quick solution for a beautiful smile!

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