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Technical equipment

It has been mentioned before that the dental laboratory of Solydent Dental Surgery manages everyday tasks forwarded by the dentists with the most outstanding experts and machinery.

For works to meet the highest requirements, such technical conditions must be met that the management of our surgery has always given close attention to. Constant observing the market of dental technical tools, we have managed to bring the latest developments to Győr, therefore nothing can ever prevent the perfect results.

Our technical equipment is outstanding, but to provide some proof, it is worth mentioning some world brands whose equipment can be found in our dental lab.

In the plastering department the KAVO EWL scalding unit should be highlighted which we use for making dentures. It is a reliable and excellent machine with worldwide reputation.

In our casting rooms numerous great tools are at the disposal of our dental technicians. What should be mentioned is the BEGO DUOSTAR sandblaster unit, which we use for cleaning sheet-metal casts. The name of the BEGO PROTEMPOMATIC sandblaster also speaks for itself for our professional visitors, like the DEGUSSA BRAZING TORCH used with gas soldering.

The Cercon system is one of the most important parts of our dental works, since without it our perfect prostheses could not be fabricated. For this we use the DEGUDENT CAD/CAM SYTEM: 

  • The CERCON SMART CERAMICS=CERCON BRAIN EXPERT routing machine, the 3SHAPE D810 scannerfurnace.
  • The CERCON HEAT PLUS supplementary

In the so-called metal room two excellent and state-of-the-art machines should be mentioned; the BEGO speed cutter and the BEGO routing machine, for parallel routing of implants.

Naturally these are only a few examples to give our visitors an idea of the kind of equipment used in the Solydent dental laboratory. If you would like to learn more about any of our machines, please contact our colleagues who can answer further questions.

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