Root cancel treatment with one of the most modern endoscopy devices "VWD RECIPROC Gold".

Root cancel treatment with one of the most modern endoscopy devices "VWD RECIPROC Gold".

A root canal treatment is necessary when the caries is so deep that the root canal is getting inflamed. Therefore the tooth become inflamed and dies off after some time. Suddenly strong pain or strong sensitivity to warm and cold occur. Later, the dead tooth becomes particularly sensitive during the chewing process and granules form at the root tip.
During a root canal treatment, the tooth crown will be partially cleaned and the root canal located, which has the inflammation.

Which instruments are used for root canal treatment in our dental clinic?
For a root cancel treatment we are using one of the most modern endoscopy devices "VWD RECIPROC Gold".

With the "VDW Reciproc Gold" root canal treatment device is going to open up a completely new dimension in the endoscopy. This allows us to finish the root canal treatment in a fast, precise and painless way! The success of a root canal treatment is therefore guaranteed!


In the previous treatment procedure the inflammations were removed from the root canal by shaping. In the the root canal treatment , however considerable technological improvements have been invented and have replaced the partially painful and lengthy treatment for the patient. With the endoscopy device, the treatment can be treated exactly and successfully.

With the specially developed drive of the device (endomotor), the treatments can be carried out faster and more successfully. The result, with regard to root canal cleansing, is far cleaner with this specialized method than with a conventional method.

Concerning a narrow or curved root canal, treatment with the conventional method is not possible in many cases. In this case, the device provides a function for expanding the root canal. The device measures exactly the root canal electronically (Apex localization) and thus we can work up to the root tip. By doing so, unsuccessful root treatment is avoided in most cases. Thanks to the device, we are able to work thoroughly, detailed, precise and fast.

The root canal filling is carried out with a special sealant (gutapercha and sealing cement) and represents an excellent sealing of the root canal against a conventional method (lateral condensation).

We can summarize the advantages of mechanical root treatment as following:

• very high success rate

• shorter treatment times

• precise root canal cleansing

• exact sealing of the root canal

• curved root canal can be best treated with the special morphology technology.

After the root treatment, the final treatment of the tooth crown is performed. According to the damage of the tooth crown, the treatment can be terminated with a partial filling, inlay or a new crown.


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