We know that the loss of teeth is unpleasant for our patients, from both an aesthetic and a medical point of view. A missing tooth can cause a number of inconveniences. This is why we offer the most up to date and perfect options to our patients at the clinic.

A dental laboratory and the assistance of a dental technician are essential for making prostheses. Solydent is proud to be not only a dental surgery but also a dental laboratory. This way everything is in one place, and external experts are not needed. This shows the excellence of the clinic, and shortens fabrication times for the convenience of the patients.

Dental prosthesis

If any dental tissue is irreversibly injured, the missing parts have to be repaired to restore function and aesthetics. Prostheses, depending on how much dental tissue they are replacing, can be intracoronal: fillings, inlays or onlays, or extracoronal: crowns and veneers. Inlays and onlays are similar to fillings, with the exception that they are made in a dental laboratory and glued in place. Veneers are usually employed to cover the discolouration or smaller decay on the facial surface of front teeth.

We offer a number of options, always the most suitable one for each patient. For this we need to be completely familiar with each case, for which we enlist the patients’ assistance. Whether it is a sporting accident or a “regular” tooth loss, we must know about everything for the patients’ interest. It is the only way for us to establish a reliable diagnosis, and inform the patients about possible options.

The types of prostheses:

  • ­crowns, bridges
  • ­Cercon - metal-free crown
  • ­removable prostheses
  • ­combined prostheses
  • Ceramic Veneers

Further information can be found about these in the appropriate menu.


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