You are looking for an ideal toothbrush. With our expertise we can assist you in the purchasing process.

You are looking for an ideal toothbrush. With our expertise we can assist you in the purchasing process.



The diverse range of different shapes, and bristle characteristics, it is difficult to decide what to buy, especially if you want to choose the best toothbrush for a particular problem.

We can easily rule out the toothbrushes labeled "Hard brushes", as they will damage the sensitive gums due to the construction. With regular use, the gums may reform and even lead to excessive shelving of tooth enamel.

This type of toothbrush we can only recommend for cleaning removable dental prosthesis

The average bristle strength, so-called "medium brushes" are certainly among the best toothbrushes, particularly to recommend if you are more prone to dental plaque.

The soft bristle strength, so-called "soft brush" is especially recommended for sensitive teeth and inflammation. Also for patients, who brush with increased pressure than ordinary brushing, may be advisable to go for "soft brush".

Regardless of which toothbrush you choose, the shape of the bristles is important. The bristles should ideally be rounded, as they avoid scratches or micro-injuries.

The optimally shaped toothbrush should be designed with a small brush head with which the posterior teeth can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

Because of the tight interdental space most bacteria are settled there, which then lead to tooth decay. Therefore, you should regularly execute interdental cleaning to remove tartar covering thoroughly

In many cases, the patients are in trust with their own brushing technique and therefore an electronic toothbrush can be an excellent alternative.

The electric toothbrush ensures a professional tooth cleaning, considering the optimum brushing time and some have 3D pulsation already, which removes the dental plaque optimal.

It makes sense just to ask your dentist, as the personal choice of a toothbrush may be different and the regular use of this small instrument is crucial for the preservation of your teeth.

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