With fruit against decay - or the beneficial effect of red grapes

To maintain the health of teeth, we should also pay attention an appropriate diet next to the periodic dental check and the daily dental care. Special meals can be beneficial to the state of the teeth in particular red grapes.




In the red grapes is a variety of vitamins and minerals which have a positive impact on our body. A study of the University of Rochester shows that tooth decay by the "Streptococcus Mutant" - is triggered by bacteria and balanced by grape polyphenols.

How can the "Streptococcus mutants" - attacking bacteria?

The bacterium has an acid-forming effect, in this circumstance, other bacteria can then form. In addition, a thin film layer develops on the teeth, which largely prevents the dangerous action of bacteria.

This thin film layer protects the teeth also present otherwise harmful bacteria.
The predominantly to be found in red grape polyphenols counteracts not only the acid form, special may also reduce up to 85% of the damage from bacteria plague.

Of course, the bacteria will not be destroyed by itself, but it can be bridged thus also disadvantages, therefore it is also advantageous that beneficial bacteria are not damaged in regard to antibiotic treatment.

The wide application spectrum of antibiotic increases the resident bacteria and it can be difficult to treat certain diseases.

By eating grapes the formation of caries can be reduced, but we must not neglect a careful and regular oral hygiene and the biannual checkup. Sign up now and secure the health of your teeth and your self-confident smile.

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