What can you do if your kids are reluctant to care for their teeth?

What can you do if your kids are reluctant to care for their teeth?



The remaining teeth are affected before birth even, for example, influenced by mother's nutrition, drugs or antibiotics taken during pregnancy. For this reason it is important to maintain the baby teeth of children carefully too.

When the first little snow-white teeth blossom out, it is recommended to brush with a small finger-sized special silicone toothbrush gently.

If your kids get used in an early stage already, it will make it easier to apply the dental care methods further regularly.

Parents often complain that the little ones can be persuaded with great difficulty only to brush their teeth regularly and taking care not to lose the desire to brush enough thoroughly.

In these cases it may be motivating for the children, if you do the morning and evening dental care with the whole family.

Games and verses may also arouse interest, perhaps by telling adventures about the experiences of the dental fairy and dental elves.

With these stories our children learn unnoticed that it is not allowed to neglect brushing their teeth, even if it seems boring sometimes.

Tooth brushing should take at least 3 minutes ideally, while you can hear your favorite song or from the bathroom door watching a beloved animated film, so almost unnoticed time flies while even the teeth are cleaned.

Fortunately many manufacturers pay attention to our little ones already, therefore countless animal and fairy tale characters toothbrushes or toothpaste in all different flavors are in the market. Among the existing flavors, it's easy for kids to find their favorite flavor or simply to experiment is just as helpful as the playful brushing.

If the regular dental care is complemented by a healthy diet, the preservation of the small teeth is ensured.

Adequate nutrition assures the health of teeth and avoiding sugary drinks and sticky lollipops will the dental elves certainly look for another place to live.

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