Therefore it is recommended to leave tooth whitening to a specialist

Nowadays youthfulness, beauteousness and healthiness are playing an important role to us. Dental bleaching is playing an increasingly important role, because we believe that tooth bleaching reflecting all three characteristics in one. By aging and the consumption of food and beverages, the whiteness of our teeth becomes darker.




Before you whiten your teeth at home, however, it is important to consult a qualified dentist. A competent professional opinion enlightens us as to the expected result, over possible disadvantages and over beyond repair damages.

The dentist can advice concerning hidden problems, detect caries occurring in order to eliminate this before. Also the dentist can detect whether the discoloration are of natural nature. In implants or dental prostheses however, tooth whitening is not useful.

In an in-house application, the use of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide is commonly used. Prolonged use of these ingredients of the enamel may be damaged long lasting and can launch an avalanche of problems in the oral cavity.

The unprotected dentin may be sensitive and inflammation occurs. The bacteria may not only adversely affect the oral hygiene, but also act in the blood, and provoke a blood disease structure.

The domesticated performed tooth whitening procedures can cause the whitening ingredients are swallowed, thereby causing serious consequences for the stomach.

Why do we recommend a professional teeth whitening?

By experienced specialists unwelcome and unexpected side effects can be excluded. After a thorough preliminary investigation, a medical care plan can be created with the necessary treatment steps and provides information on the different methods. Also be aware of the expected results and the duration of treatment in order to guarantee a complete success. We face the task that they easily finish your treatment and you leave us with a beaming smile.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. The dental team of Solydent is looking forward to your visit. We believe that a bright smile for our entire dear patient is possible.

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