The effects of stress on oral hygiene - a surprising discovery

It is commonly known that the tense lifestyle and the ever-present stress have a significant impact on our health and not only affects our nervous system, but also can cause indirect effects on the health of our teeth.



A recent study discovered that mental stress can increase the amount of plaque on the teeth, even in the case that the stressful situation was for short duration only. It is also undisputed that when the tartar is left untreated, gingival inflammations are piling up.

In case of prolonged stress this can lead to mental illness and complicate the healing process of gingival inflammations with a high probability.
In case of gum disease, it is of outstanding importance to carried out the regular oral care in a professional way and to use the appropriate products and tools, because in this period there is an increased risk of caries, periodontal disease and tartar formation.

But what can we do for our dental health?

In our fast-paced world, there are, unfortunately, less and less opportunity to get away from the stress, but there are countless ways alleviate the stress and mitigate the consequences. If we cannot avoid the stress, then sport is the most effective way to reduce stress and tension. Not only the blood and lymphatic system is stimulated, but slightly reduced the tension for the most part.

In advanced age yoga, hiking or just a nature walk for mental relaxation is recommended. If you have the ability to think positively then you can easily find a way to your happiness, to maintain your physical and mental recovery.

From the perspective of our teeth a healthy diet is important and of course you should not forget your biannual check-ups to detect any teeth problems quickly and to fix them easily. In compliance with the dental advice, this affects not only the teeth, but to the overall health picture.
Rely on the best skilled professionals and give a smile without inhibitions!

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