Proper oral hygiene can prevent serious illness

A healthy diet, taking the necessary daily vitamins, a rolling basis inspection visit to the dentist and adherence of dental advice can prevent dangerous oral cavity diseases.

Several different types of cancer can develop in the oral cavity. The cancer may be, for example, form on the tongue, palate, throat, and even on the lips.novembercikk

The World Health Organization (WHO) Hungary has proved that statistically only 16% of the Hungarian population attending a regular preliminary cancer investigation although it can achieve a 90% -healing quote by early detection and removal.

How can develop oral cancer?

Apart from hereditary predisposition, many other factors can influence the development of oral cancer. Among them, for example, include smoking, alcohol consumption, as well as inflammation in the oral cavity can also support the development of cancer cells.

Purulent inflammation may be caused by an improper prosthesis or a dental crown, as well as an untreated broken tooth can irritate the sensitive lining of the mouth constantly.

Red patches on the tongue or on the side of the palate can be suspect and in this case it is advisable to consult a specialist. The spots are usually painless and therefore these stains can usually be detected only in a checkup.

If the patient feels a numbness or an unusual pain in the jaw area, this may indicate a Bone exostosis or cyst and may warrant an in-depth investigation. Swelling in the cheeks or persistent difficulty in swallowing can also undergo a series of tests by themselves. When an abnormal tissue in the oral cavity appears a common cause of occurrence applies the so called "papillomavirus" (wart virus), which can be prevented by a simple vaccination.

How can we prevent the problem?

Das Vermeiden von Rauchen und Alkoholkonsum ist für unseren Körper als Ganzes von Vorteil, natürlich auch eine ausgewogene Ernährung, die auch einen Beitrag zum reibungslosen Funktionieren unseres Immunsystems leistet. Mundkrebs kann besonders in der Altersklasse um die 40 auftreten und so empfehlen wir eine jährliche Krebsuntersuchung, den diese Kontrolluntersuchung kann in der Regel diese ernsthafte Krankheit erkennen und frühzeitig zu einer Behandlung führen.
Avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption is for our body as a whole beneficial, of course, a balanced diet, which also contributes to the smooth functioning of our immune system. Oral cancer can occur especially in the age group of 40 and we recommend an annual cancer screening. This checkup can detect this serious disease usually early and lead to a treatment, especially in the a.m. age group.

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