Painful nodes in the mouth - why can wound sores (mouth ulcer) occur?

According to statistics, there is no one who would not have experienced in his life, as unpleasant may ubiquitous Aphte appear. These small bubbles are whitish and dissolve in 1-2 weeks again. In most cases, these occur not just once but on a regular basis at certain intervals, and in the worst case it may be permanent.solydent2


There may be various reasons for the formation of canker sores, but most, certain bacteria and viruses increase the risk. By careless lifestyle can weaken the immune system and the endocrine system be disrupted and as a backdrop, autoimmune processes can delay or stop. Aphtae may be associated with constant stress, when vitamin deficiency such as Vitamin C and B12 or iron. Sensitive people can even get negative impact by gluten and milk-containing food, if they are allergic to them. Damage to the oral mucosa may provoke the formation of painful blisters. Also, a study has shown that toothpaste containing the active substance "triclosan" may be associated.

Whatever is the reason is a regular self-examination can provide clarity which period and after eating which food to originate the unpleasant festering wounds.

How can we support the healing process?

A real medicine to treat mouth sores is not yet developed so far, but there are certain methods to relieve the pain and accelerate the healing process. For example, an additional intake of vitamin C and B or soothing and restorative medicines such as ointments and mouthwash with herbal ingredients can help.

An occasional flush with chamomile and sage can help because both herbs are known for their anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

If usual home remedies - or obtained medicine by prescription - not have the desired effect, you should consult your dentist in any case, because as it can often just stuck an easily repairable trifle behind unpleasant symptoms.

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