Occlusal splint for night time appliance

Do not resign to your original tooth color, if a simple treatment can bring a wonderful smile.



The chewing muscles are able to put a lot of pressure to the upper and lower jaws.If the force of the muscles of mastication is not well-targeted, respectively not used for chewing, we are speaking of teeth grinding. Teeth grinding puts much more pressure on the teeth than chewing. This dysfunction occurs in most cases at night. Reason can be stress, emotional stress, anxiety or even a poorly adjusted denture.
The whole chewing mechanism can be effective negatively by teeth grinding. Temporomandibular joint pain, jaw cracking, stiffening of the neck and jaw muscles or damage in the gums (Periodontitis) may be the consequences. Damage to the hard tissue of the teeth can also be a reason for teeth grinding. Other effects of teeth grinding can be a headache and chronic tinnitus.
Using a thin plastic splint can prevent the negative effects of teeth grinding on the teeth. The dental laboratory manufactures it with the help of a vacuum film to a dental impression of the patient. Most of the time the wearing of the splint takes place nightly, but with serious symptoms it may be required to wear the splint during day time as well.
The splint is protecting the teeth effectively against excessive pressure and increased friction. Also the splint is balancing the position of the lower- and upper jaw and achieves the relaxing of the musculature.
If you are also affected by these problems, please contact us with confidence and after that you will forget the sleepless nights and wake up from sleep relaxed again.

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