In this way you can keep your implants for a long time

If a patient one or even lose more teeth, it affects not only the outward appearance, but can also damage the health and reduce the self-confidence. Fortunately, we do not have to fear that the implanted implants stand out from the natural teeth. Today's implants not only satisfy the aesthetic aspect, but also the implant crowns are also part of the biological point in the tooth picture and have the same function as natural teeth.Untitled-1

Made from biomaterial implant roots are carefully planned and thoroughly prepared, also the exact health condition of the patient is determined. This is important because implants should get implant to patient with adequate health and with the necessary oral hygiene only. Therefore severe bleeding disorders, lack of bone volume, heavy smoking and drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis are negative for the implantation.

What to do after implantation?

After planting the implant the recovery process takes 2-3 months to complete, so that the implanted root can fully grow into the cells of the bone. After this phase, the fixed tooth replacement can be implemented. Nevertheless, after the successful insertion of the implant, the process is not yet complete, since we provide our patients with important advice for oral hygiene, which ensures compliance with the same a long-term health.

In the semi-annual and annual check-up the state of the implant is controlled. As part of the control we exam the bone, the strand adhesion and gums. Also a check of the installed prosthesis on the implant root will be done.

Patients, who choose a solution with implants, not only safeguard the health of the teeth, but also win back confidence. And if they turn trustingly to the Solydent team and convince yourself of our expertise.

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