For all those, who prefer a natural alternative we recommend Ayurvedic oral care.

For all those, who prefer a natural alternative we recommend Ayurvedic oral care.

The Ayurvedic medicine treats the body as a whole and reflects of course the dentistry too, associated in particular with the digestive and oral hygiene



An unpleasant bad breath or coating on the tongue is an infallible sign for an insufficient digestion, which can be restored by a well-balanced and individual food.

In this case you can also ask a food or Ayurverda adviser for a recommendation.

For the removal of the white coating on the tongue surface, we recommend a tongue scraper, developed for this purpose, which occur no damage on the surface of the tongue and still allows for thorough cleaning.

Beside an aesthetic effect at the same time get rid of the annoying feeling of a bad breath.

The natural oral hygiene is based on plants which are prepared in particular from herbal ingredient. Especially mint, fennel, sage and cloves, are suitable for these produced infusion- and powder products.

Out of these plants mouthwash or lotions gets produced, but in any case you should get the advice of a naturopath, if the problem can be solved by the herbal herbs.

During the evening and sleeping hours the body secretes from toxins, which lie on the surface of the tongue, as so this area should be cleaned carefully before brushing your teeth.

Who would like to carry out the cleaning rather with natural products, we especially recommend sesame-seed oil or extra-fine olive oil.

With a few minutes flushing and gargling the bad breath can be reduced, curbed the gum bleeding, and even the sense of taste - and the phonation can be influenced positive.

Although there is still no scientific result on this topic, nevertheless, the experience shows that the oil can release the mucous membranes in the oral cavity from germs.

With this method, not only the oral hygiene will improve, even common skin and head problems can be resolved.

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