Even an unpleasant morning breath can be overcome

The unpleasant morning breath is caused by natural processes, which led us to perform a release dental care immediately after we get up in the morning. During the nights several conditions occur simultaneously, which lead to an unpleasant morning breath, e.g. the salivation is reduced and therefore leads to increased deposit formation.november

Nevertheless, we have not to be worry too much if we avoid before bedtime salty food and alcohol and ensure adequate fluid intake. Thus we have made good steps ahead for our health and oral hygiene.

In order to reduce bacteria in the mouth we can use alcohol-free mouthwash and even special toothpaste which e.g. can also be made on herbal basis. The tea tree oil is not only anti-bacterial and refreshing, but also leads to an improved oral hygiene.

If the discomfort is still not disappeared after brushing or comes back during the day, even an insufficient digestion can be the cause and event. A gastroenterologist can clarify the cause. The gastroenterologist is dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. Sores in the mouth can also lead to embarrassing incidents, which we should not handle with home medicine but should consult a professional dentist.

Important factors for a proper oral hygiene

Among the manual auxiliary equipment should be a tongue scraper, dental side and a device for cleaning dental plaque, which occupy an outstanding role for a thorough cleaning.

Important for maintaining the health of our teeth - and of course to prevent of bad breath - is the use of proper auxiliary tools and techniques. Thorough and regular tooth cleaning is important for maintaining our dental health. For a personal consultation concerning your dental condition please turn confidently to our professional dental team at Solydent. Unique in Hungary is that Solydent can provide to the patient a maximum care in all complex dentistry segments.

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