We can tell the exact cost of the treatment only after a full dental examination.
If you have an X-ray, please, send it to us, than we can make you an offer.

Panoramic X-Ray 30.- EUR
CT 100.- EUR
Dental hygiene 30.- EUR/jaw
Filling 55. - 75.- EUR
Root canal treatment 40. - 70.- EUR
Root canal filling 50. - 70.- EUR
Tooth extract. 40. – 50.- EUR
Porcelain crown 170.- EUR -10%
Prettau full ceramic crown 400.-EUR -10%
Full ceramic crown 330.- EUR
Temporay crown Free of costs
Ankylos Impl. 600.- EUR
Ankylos abutment 250.- EUR
Nobel Replace Impl. 700.- EUR -10%
Nobel Replace abutment 350.- EUR
Straumann Neodent Helix Impl. 500.- EUR -10%
Straumann Neodent Helix
500.- EUR -10%
Straumann Neodent Helix Impl. 200.- EUR
Bone replacement material 140. – 470.- EUR
Implant crown 210.- EUR
Sedation 330.-EUR/ 1 hour / 140.-EUR / every additional 30 minutes


-10% discount on the price of the Neodent HelixGM Acqua-Implant

-10% discount on the Nobel implant system

-10% discount on all zirconium and Prettau zirconia crowns

Discount valid until 31.03.2022

We hope we could help you a little with this, for additional questions or time scheduling we are happy to stay in contact with you.

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