Our specialities

One of the greatest advantaged of Solydent Dental Surgery is that it has its own head doctor, who is also the founding dentist. It is none other than Dr. Péter Solymosi, who dared to dream big. Dentists, assistants and each colleague working under his direction are outstanding experts who have repeatedly proven their skills and worth. The whole surgery has a family-like atmosphere, which has strong influence on the mood of both the staff and the patients.

Our surgery includes its own dental laboratory, which makes the working process significantly easier and shorter. We do not need to send templates to an outside laboratory and wait for external experts, as everything can be found in one place. The advantage of this is enjoyed by both our staff and patients.

The significance and professional recognition of our surgery is further supported by the fact that we are regularly visited by dental students who come to acquire from out dentists the practical knowledge and skills needed for becoming outstanding experts. Registrars apply for positions in the Solydent team, and if their performance is satisfactory, they are welcome to return in the future.

Our technical equipment is the most state-of-the-art and comprises tools of the highest quality. This is a primary objective since without continuous development one cannot survive in the competition. The satisfied smiles of numerous patients prove that the investment is worth it. Naturally, continuous development does not refer to machinery only; we also take care so that our dentists and assistants may receive the latest information. The opportunity is always open for them to take part in professional trainings.

We do not only consider our patients' well-being from a medical point of view, but also pay attention to their comfort.  Our three and four star hotels are fully equipped; staying in them makes waiting and recovery time more pleasant.

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