Our dental clinic

Solydent Dental Clinic was opened to the public on 1 July 1991. Its founder, as well as its life and soul, is Dr. Péter Solymosi head dentist, who has made a special point of managing the clinic. He has considered continuous development a family-like atmosphere to be essential from the beginning since he believes that without these it would have been impossible to rise to the present high position.

Solydent was already exceptional at its opening as it owned the third panoramic X-ray machine in Hungary. Our surgery had a well-developed background in diagnostics, which played an important role in gaining patients' trust. They could feel that they were in the safest hands and the best place.

The surgery developed and grew continuously, year by year; by 1995 we received patients in 10 chairs. Parallel to this we experienced a rising demand for accommodation; therefore we built apartments to provide restful conditions for recovery.

1997 witnessed an enormous advance: the opening of the dental laboratory where 12 dental technicians worked. Having a dental laboratory at our disposal meant that everything became centred in one place, to the mutual advantage of our dentists and patients. It became increasingly evident that our surgery was based upon string foundations, that we were destined for great success.

The management of Solydent submitted a successful application, resulting in investments that promoted our patients' interests. Winning this competition enabled us to build the new operating room, finish the sterilizer and start operating the computed tomography imaging system.These pieces of equipment again placed Solydent among the leading dental clinics in Hungary. The huge advantages of centralisation became increasingly visible; dental treatments, sterilization, osteoplastic (mostly bone grafting) operations and dental technical works could all be done within doors. Our dentists, colleagues and naturally our patients in particular may enjoy the comfort and safety of this.

If required, we can make photo documentation of each treatment; furthermore, we can record processes with cameras built in the lamps. Of course, recordings are only made –and handed over as well- at the patient's request. This is also practical when we hold a conference about a medical process, in which case the operation can be observed "live".

Solydent Dental Clinic wishes to provide the best service not only through dental equipment, but also through the staff. A large number of colleagues await the patients, who have been working and proving themselves for several years and who are very nearly one of the family. The family-like atmosphere is characteristic of the surgery anyway, whichever part we are being looked after at.

We have always given special attention to providing our patients with the best possible circumstances for the length of their stay. This is why we are constantly improving the hotel to meet the most modern requirements. One result is our Magnolia Spa. The cosy Cross Bar enables our patients and guests to meet and have a chat over a drink. Our Carmen Restaurant can provide both hotel guests and patients of the surgery with a "Dental Meal", which only confirms that at Solydent, caring continues past the doors of the dental surgery.


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