The experts at Solydent prepare fixed and removable braces with excellent knowledge and many years of work experience. We offer solutions to adults and children alike, as we know that an irregular row of teeth can spoil everyday life.

Orthodontics deals with treating the positional deviations of both individual and rows of teeth and the jawbones. There are many reasons for these, for example hereditary defects, irregular changing of milk teeth or bad habits.

An irregular row of teeth causes not only an aesthetic problem and a drop in self-confidence, but conceals many dangers. As a result of the irregular positioning of the teeth, plaque is more difficult to remove, which may lead to tooth decay. It is also more difficult to keep the gaps between the teeth clean, which may cause chronic gingivitis. It may have dire consequences: teeth might not only loosen, but also fall out. Biting difficulties may arise too, which can cause pain and significantly burden the mandibular joint. It is evident that orthodontics is essential for both children and adults.

Before starting any kind of treatment, our dentist asks detailed questions about possible inherited defects and bad habits. One such thing is the grinding of the teeth, just to mention one example. At the next stage our expert examines the state of the teeth and the oral mucous membrane, as the oral cavity must be in perfect condition for orthodontics. X-rays (panoramic X-rays and cephalometric projections) play an important role as they provide the most accurate data about the conditions. An impression is also needed, both of the upper and lower jaws, and we need to take a mush bite as well.

Having collected and evaluated these we can reliably inform our patients about what method and tool we suggest. We explain everything precisely, and if an agreement is reached, a relatively long cooperation begins for the perfect result.


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