Oral hygiene treatments

All dental treatments belong here that are directed at removing plaque and tartar below and above the gums. Tartar formation jeopardizes health and aesthetics, so we suggest an urgent visit to our dental surgery, as we remove irregularities from teeth in the best possible way.

Tartar is formed with the hardening of plaque; it contains large numbers of bacteria that can cause gum bleeding, periodontitis and even receding gums. As a result of these teeth may become so loose that they fall out on their own, but they often need to be removed by a dentist.

Not only tartar, but also anything attacking the periodontium can cause problems. We must note if our gum starts bleeding as it may indicate illness of the periodontium. This occurs most frequently while eating, or brushing teeth. The colour of the gums changes too; they become darker, swollen and sensitive. Gums recede, leaving the epithelial cuff free. A further inconvenience is a bad taste in the mouth and halitosis.

We at Solydent have removed tartar from the teeth of tens of thousands of patients, alleviated the symptoms of or healed gum diseases. Treatments do not last long, but the patient must pay attention to precise after-care. This means exchanging toothbrushes every second month, using suitable dental floss and excellent quality toothpaste. Mouthwash is also practical as it often helps us avoid gingivitis. If you have questions concerning dental care at home, do not hesitate to ask our experts. They will provide good advice for correct procedures. Annual dental check-up and oral hygiene treatment are highly recommended.

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