Implantology and oral surgery

After more than 17 years of experience in Implantology and thousands of placed implants, Solydent Dental Surgery offers different options for fixed prostheses. Dr. Péter Solymosi head dentist is excellent and experienced at placing implants; a lot of satisfied patients leave his surgery each day; patients who have regained not only their health but also their self-confidence. This is the best possible kind of reference…

The loss of teeth bears down hard on everyone. The quality of life deteriorates, as biting and chewing may become more difficult, causing problems in eating and digesting. Not to mention that self-confidence also drops as speech and smiling may both be affected, and a friendly dinner might also turn into an unpleasant event. A chronic bad mood or an irritated state may set in, which might cause other serious problems in the long run.


One or several missing teeth can be substituted by dental implants, bridges or removable prostheses.

There are some dental problems that cannot be treated in a traditional way. In such cases implants are the ideal solution, a quite fantastic project in dentistry and dental technology.

To put it in a nutshell, a dental implant is an artificial root that replaces the formerly removed natural root. Implants are made of strictly controlled and high quality materials, and are completely safe to use in dentistry as the human body perfectly accepts them. Implanted teeth have the same effect as natural ones, and their strength and function is also similar to those.

Before making a decision whether you can receive an implant, you must undergo a thorough examination that includes panoramic X-ray, full oral examination and the assessment of the condition of the bone where the implant would go. Naturally, the patient’s general state of health is also very important, so we ask a lot of questions to determine if the treatment would be risk-free.

Placing in the implants happens under sterile circumstances, using local anaesthetic. We make a small cut in the mucous membrane to expose the bone, and make a nest where the implant will go. The operation is immediately followed by a panoramic X-ray so that we can see if the operation has been satisfactory. Stitches are removed after a week, and the rest of the healing process takes place under the protecting mucous membrane. It is important to note that the whole healing process takes approximately 3 months.

When this period is over, we can start to create the implanted prosthesis. We need to expose the implant under the gum - the so-called cover screw. When this is done, we can place in the abutment, which needs about 8-10 days to set. After taking an impression, the dental technicians fabricate the perfect prosthesis that will be placed in with the utmost expertise by our dentist.

This is the end of the road that may seem long at first sight, but it is worth waiting as the result is a tooth that is an almost perfect match to the original one. As usual, after-care is very important, part of which falls on our patients; if you have an implant, perfect oral hygiene is especially important.

Before you decide to have an implant placed in, please visit our surgery for more information on this unique possibility. We will assist you in every way to make the final decision easier, so turn to us with confidence.

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