Dr. Bence Kiss

dr kiss bence, dentist

Date of birth:1989.06.16


2009-2014 Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis University (Budapest)
2014 Semmelweis University, central intern


English - intermediate level

German - intermediate level

Work experience:

2011-2014: Scientific Student Conference - tuition (SU Institute of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology)
2012-2014: Scientific Student Conference (SU face, jaw, Oral Surgery and Dental Clinic)
2013: Rectorial competition - grade: Distinction (Use of modern diagnostic tools in the bone-replacement therapy of the maxillofacial region)
2014: Rectorial competition - grade: Distinction (Analysis of diagnnostic software related to modern imaging procedures and use in the planning and evaluation of bone-replacement procedures of the maxillofacial region)
2014: Kerpel-Fronius Ödön Talent Development Program (SU, Department of Oral Diagnostics - Oral Surgery)
2014: Scientific Student Conference:
1st author: The objective application of CBCT databases using the CranioViewer design software during the planning and monitoring of bone-replacement surgery.
2nd. author: Examination of the remodelling of autologous bone grafts from various donor locations with the help of CBCT

Fields of interest:

• Treatment of periodontal lesions
• Oral surgery
• Endodontics
• Preparation of fixed prostheses

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