Direct Veneers

Nowadays, the covering of just one, usually the visible, tooth surface with some kind of tooth-coloured material is an accepted dental treatment. Making veneers is a suitable procedure for meeting ever-higher aesthetic requirements, for example in the case of abnormal development of the enamel, discolouration and damaged or worn teeth, or to close the gap between teeth. Based on the fabrication, we differentiate between direct and indirect veneers.

Dental veneers

Veneers are usually employed to cover the discolouration or smaller decay on the facial surface of front teeth.

With the direct method, after the preparation of the tooth, the dentist can immediately make the veneer from the photo-polymerised composite used in fillings. This process is extremely time-consuming, so it is only employed for smaller flaws or for repairing single teeth. Choosing and layering the appropriate colours, we apply the photo-polymerised composite to the tooth, and the individual layers are separately hardened with the special light. To finish the process, we polish the restoration.


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