Dental laboratory

Solydent's own dental laboratory opened in 1997, which already met every requirement back then. This has not changed, as due to the continuous developments it is one of the most up-to-date laboratories in town.

At the moment 8 dental technicians are employed, all of them excellent and reliable experts. Our dentists and patients can safely entrust the fabrication of dental prostheses to them. The dental technicians continuously take part in trainings, in courses both in Hungary and Western Europe. We consider it important that they be perfectly familiar with the newest technical possibilities, since Solydent always starts employing the latest developments within the shortest possible time. Among others, the most modern material and porcelain furnaces ensure the fabrication of lifelike porcelain veneers.

Our strength does not only lie in our professional apparatus and knowledge, but also in having the dental surgery and laboratory under the same roof. This makes life easier for everyone, as we do not need to wait for and depend on outside firms and external experts. The comfort and speed are advantageous for all, and Solydent is proud to possess one of the best dental laboratories.

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