Dental CT X-ray

Dental CT makes a three dimensional image; each plane, the depth and with of the bone can be determined. It is essential for the precise planning of an implantological surgery, for the planning stage and for placing the implants

  • With CT, the dentist can determine the distance between each anatomical formation (e.g. facial nerves or the facial cavity, etc.) and the bone surface.
  • The shape and the mucous membrane of the facial cavity can be studied in three dimensions before a sinus lift surgery.
  • The bone structure can be examined to determine where bone can be removed and then grafted in other areas.
  • With this precise measuring technique, the shape, size and length of implants can be verified.

Dental focal infections

With its three dimensional image, CT is the most suitable tool for diagnosing deformities between the dental roots that cause for example hair loss, or arthritis in different joints all over the body. These cannot be - or can only partially be – explored with traditional X-rays, as in an X-ray image the dental root(s) cover the deformity.

Dental root

In dentistry, a root (radix dentis) is the part of the tooth positioned in the dental alveolus or tooth socket. The root is held to the alveolar bone with periodontal fibres. Most of the root is made up of dentin, which is covered by cementum. Inside it a cavity, the dental pulp is found. In humans, the incisors and canines have one root. Premolars can have one, two or rarely three roots. While lower molars have two, upper molars have three roots.

Examining a problematic wisdom tooth

With the help of a CT image, we get a clear picture of the wisdom tooth that is still covered by the gum; its size, positioning, relationship to surrounding anatomical formations, e.g. how far the canal containing the blood vessel and nerves runs from the root of the tooth that is due to be extracted. With this information complications (like loss of feeling resulting from injury to the nerves) can be avoided and prevented, and thus the routine operation will be easily planned and short.

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