Cost estimate

At Solydent we try to provide the most accurate possible cost estimate even when we have not yet seen the state of the teeth of our prospective patient. For this we might need earlier X-ray images, medical reports and requirements e-mailed to us. Having gained knowledge about these, we can approximately calculate a treatment plan and its price. This makes the decision of whether to vote us confidence easier.

Naturally, for fixing exact costs personal attendance and several examinations are necessary. These include, in case of prostheses, the analysis of the panoramic X-ray image and an assessment of the oral condition - just to list a few -, but many more are needed for getting the most precise picture. The point is that the exact price is fixed only after a thorough examination. From there, we can precisely follow the working process that has been agreed upon and keep to the estimated costs.

You can learn the most essential information via telephone as well. Contact our colleagues and your orders shall have our best attention.

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