Cercon metal-fee crowns

As dental technology improved, so did ever-newer options appear, which benefit not only patients, but dentists as well. While formerly porcelain crowns were popular, nowadays we have crowns created by newer procedures at our disposal. These are much more aesthetic, more durable and stronger, so they can also be used for bridges and complete dental bridges.

Cercon crowns are the best-quality prostheses of the 21st century, which meet all needs. It is offered when our patient wishes to regain or gain perfect aesthetics. We recommend it in the case of broken or chipped teeth, highly discoloured or damaged front teeth, old and badly fitting crowns, gingivitis and halitosis, as well as implants.


It is extremely widespread in nature, and can be found in silicate rocks.

It is produced from natural basic materials. Zirconium dioxide is obtained from its most important mineral substances, zircon sand or zircon soil. Appropriate granulation and clear basic materials are necessary for a high quality end product. The zirconium dioxide ceramic is used in dentistry and in cases where extreme bend strength is needed.

One of its best advantages is that it does not contain metal, so its effect is even more natural. It is much stronger than normal teeth, so it is suitable for supporting multiple-unit bridges. It is fabricated from the impression by the above-mentioned CAD/CAM technology. So that the crown can most closely match the original tooth colour, the dentist uses a tooth shade chart to determine the colouration of the finished crown.

Cercon crowns have many advantages, collected here to assure you that this is the right choice.

This crown is completely metal-free so it triggers no allergies, which is especially important nowadays. They are realistic, have a completely natural effect due to the tooth shade chart and match the surrounding teeth. They are fabricated with CAD/CAM technology, the highest-precision technology existing today. Owing to the shoulder preparation there is no discolouration over the years, the condition of the gums is preserved and gum resection is slowed down.


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