Ceramic Veneers

The production of ceramic veneers is very successful in our Dental Clinic because you have to remove from the tooth only slightly and therefore it is not necessary to fill the tooth with a crown. However the result of this treatment is especially beautiful and durable.

The tooth surface needs to be abraded about 0,5 - 1 mm only, afterwards a accurate dental impression is made. On this basis our own dental laboratory is able to assemble a ceramic veneer. This technology is used especially in the case of front teeth, which are aborted, twisted, cracked and damaged or to be embellished for aesthetic reasons. The manufacture of ceramic veneers is time-saving and has a high aesthetic standard.

The advantages of the ceramic veneers are as following:

- the tooth must be abraded only slightly 
- totally metal free, therefore, it is also applicable for people with allergies 
- the treatment is completely painless 
- Short treatment time – with 2 visits an excellent result can be achieved

We do not recommend applying with ceramic veneers if
- proper dental cleaning cannot be assured 
- with great damage to the front teeth
- teeth grinding during night
- patients with a preference for martial arts and the wearing of protective gear

Our dental clinic manufactures ceramic veneers in the in-house dental laboratory.

If you find our work pleasant and you can imagine that this method of treatment can be a solution for your dental problems, just contact us. We can advise you with our professional expertise.



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