Cephalometric projections

A cephalometric X-ray is most important in orthodontics. It shows the side view of the skull. This way the profile, teeth and bones are visible from the side. It helps the dentist see the angle of the teeth, their relation to the jawbones, the height and length of the jawbones - and also measure the latter.

In such an X-ray the teeth cannot be individually seen, so it is not suitable for noticing tooth decay or periodontitis. These projections are specially used in orthodontics.

The X-ray images are the starting points from which we can determine the procedure. Dentists can decide on the basis of so-called reference points what kind of personalized treatment is needed. Essentially, based on the angles, we can decide to what extent teeth should be moved or tilted, and in which direction the growth of the jawbones should be supported in childhood. Thus, after the treatment, more and more normal angles can be observed in the cephalometric X-ray images.

Solydent surgery owns a state-of-the-art cephalometric projection machine, so we can conduct the most precise and safest work on patients requesting our help. Lots of children have gained more beautiful smiles, and they are grateful and returning patients, along with a large number of adults.



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