CADCAM Technology

CAD: computer-aided design

CAM: computer-aided manufacturing

This is the computer assistance utilized in aesthetic dentistry, using which more accurate and perfect prostheses can be built in. With CAD/CAM technology we can manufacture completely identical teeth to the ones our patients used to have.

The process can start once the stumps are polished and perfectly prepared. These are then digitized using a scanner. The resulting file format can be forwarded, where the micron-precision frame of the bridge or crown will be made without human interference. It only takes a few hours for a perfect, 100% precise frame to be manufactured. Time saving is a huge advantage of this computer technology, as it significantly reduces waiting time.

Computer-aided design

A computer-aided design (CAD) system is a set of computer-based tools that helps engineers and other designing specialists with creating and modifying designs. CAD programmes now in use provide a wide range of solutions from two dimensional (2D) vector-based drafting systems to three dimensional (3D) solid and surface modellers.

The result is none other than a prosthesis, which is of excellent quality, has perfect marginal integrity, is long-lasting, free of complications, aesthetic, and accurate to the micron. Earlier this value was impossible to reach, as the technology was far behind that of today, especially CAD/CAM.

A further advantage is that our technician has continuous access to the process of computer designing, so they can correct any occurring inaccuracies in time, thus enabling us to manufacture the most perfect possible prosthesis. Our guarantee is the large number of satisfied patients who left our clinic having regained their perfect smile.


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