By car

Several main roads meet in Győr, the most important of which is the M1 motorway that carries the heaviest traffic. It is accessible from several parts of the town, which makes getting around much easier. The northwestern county town can be reached comfortably and in a short time from both Budapest and Vienna.

This might also contribute to it being a popular holiday and healthcare destination with both Hungarians and foreigners.

The M1 motorway connects Budapest with Vienna. It joins the Austrian A4 motorway at Hegyeshalom. It is one of the oldest motorways whose significance increased greatly after the political transformation of 1989. Today it is Hungary’s most important western connection and it is highly used.

Conditions and prices can be found in several places:

There are several exits off the motorway leading directly to the city centre. There are numerous road signs, so both Hungarian and foreign travellers can easily find their way.Using the motorway, Győr is about 150 kilometres far from both Budapest and Vienna; travel time is 90 minutes on average. In both directions there are numerous lay-bys and service stations awaiting the weary travellers.


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