Audi and the city

Audi Hungaria Motor Zrt. started operating in Győr in 1993, placing in motion success after success, which has considerably contributed to the dynamic development of Győr. Audi plays a defining part in the local labour market, which has completely changed the lives of residents in and around Győr.

They have been continuously offering the opportunities inherent in the motor industry, which have been seized by experts from both Hungary and abroad. In the meantime the company has made an agreement with Széchenyi University so that they can provide insight into the processes of car manufacturing in close co-operation, thus aiding the young generations immensely in their professional improvement and future employment. Audi supports the town and its sport- and cultural life with significant sums of money, indicating that they are planning for the long run in the county town. The company is continuously developing, increasing the number of local job opportunities.

Audi Hungaria Motor Zrt. has attracted a lot of experts from abroad who have soon made Győr their home. Most of them are German-speaking, who have easily fit into the visitor-friendly town. A large range of favourable services makes their stay even more pleasant.

Dental treatment can be listed among these, which they receive at Solydent dental clinic of the highest quality. The staff speaks to them in their mother tongue which helps them to feel even more at home. The clinic’s management has tailored the prices to their salary, which may contribute to their choice. The ever-increasing “Audi trade” proves that they are satisfied with the welcome and the treatment. They receive at Solydent what they provide at their workplace: precise, professional work.

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