10% discount on the price of the Alpha-Bio-Implant

This offer is valid until 08.31,2019th


Alpha-Bio Implant

Alpha-Bio is a cheaper yet fully reliable, high quality implant that ensures the stability of the false tooth.

It has been in the implant market for over 20 years. Alpha-Bio Tec implants integrate naturally with the bone. A short healing period is required, and their placement is quick and free of complications.

It is for these reasons that we at Solydent are inclined to use them. They are cost effective, yet have no disadvantages in comparison with other, more expensive makes.

The most preferred Alpha-Bio implant type is the SPI Spiral Implant. Owing to its abilities it meets all needs and can be safely used. Its best advantage is that its insertion is possible even in the case of very little bone tissue, as its stability and bone-condensing effect are especially high. What makes it even more popular is that it requires a smaller diameter pre-drilling, thus protecting the bone much better and minimizing the risk for damage to other teeth.

What is more, using a SPI implant makes it possible to change the direction of the insertion during the operation. This enables us to provide our patients with the most precise implant of the highest standard.


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