Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a special branch of dentistry that may be considered a type of art. In the course of such a treatment the primary aim is usually not to supply prostheses but to restore the beauty of extant teeth, so that our patients can leave Solydent Clinic with their most beautiful smiles and regained self-confidence.

These treatments are not especially for conservation or medical purposes; but rather they help patients to regain their feeling of comfort. Our teeth often undergo changes that we do not approve of, that embarrass us when we smile or we just do not like looking in the mirror. In the everyday rush almost everyone drinks coffee and a lot of people still smoke, just to mention a few examples. These addictions still influence the aesthetics of teeth to a high degree. The surface of the teeth changes colour, turns yellow, and the smile loses from its attractiveness. Solydent knows the solution: we offer the most perfect tooth whitening.

Tooth jewels, these entirely aesthetic additions, are becoming more and more widespread. Their popularity is continuously rising, and there is a high demand for them at our clinic where we have experts in this area as well.


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