10% discount on the price of the Alpha-Bio-Implant

This offer is valid until 08.31,2019th




10% discount on the price of the Alpha-Bio-Implant.

For three decades, Alpha Bio has been engaged in scientific development, manufacture and distribution of dental implants. In 2008, the company was acquired by Nobel Biocare, thus increasing the international reputation of this low-cost implant.

Alpha-Bio Tec. implants provide a convenient solution to get as close as possible to a natural tooth. With superior development and precise manufacturing processes, Alpha-Bio Tec is in the leading position in many markets around the world. The company has implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system that complies with ISO 13485: 2003, ISO 9001: 2000, Canadian Medical Products Conformity Assessment System, Council Directive 93/42 / EEC. The products are CE certified and can be marketed in the United States.

NanoTec ™ is a hybrid implant surface developed in a complex process. The process involves high-grained (20-40 microns) sandblasting and dual thermal acidification to form micro- and nano-sized pores (1-5 microns). This unique process creates high surface differentiation, increases the 3D surface, and allows for more intensive absorption of blood and plasma proteins in the micropores immediately after implant placement. The state of the art treatment technologies ensure consistent surface finish and precision at the Alpha-Bio Tec manufacturing facility.

Free CT X-ray * for a planning meeting during implantation

For a precise planning of the implantation surgery the panorama X-ray is not sufficient, therefore a three-dimensional dental CT scan is absolutely recommendable.

The dentist can make the following statements as a result of a CT X-ray imaging:

- Carrying out accurate measurements
- Determination of the size and length of the implants
- Assessment of bone structure
- Determination of the distance between an important anatomical point (eg facial cavity, facial nerve) and the bone surface
- Examination of the passage of the sinus and mucous membranes before a sinus lift operation.

*: CT recording on a CD is chargeable!

Free panoramic X-ray and dental treatment plan

We expect our prospective patients with a free panoramic X-ray *, a free dental consultation and a dental treatment plan especially worked out for you.
Handing over a radiographic image on CD or similar medium will be charged separately.

10% discount on all zirconium crowns

Zirconium crown and bridge links are made of the zirconium dioxide material.
This material is particularly hard, completely free of metal and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. Therefore this is the best choice to finish a prosthesis.
The processing is carried out by the cutting edge technology CAD / CAM, so it can be adapted with an excellent quality. The state of the gums remains, and even slows down the decline.
The end product is a durable and natural looking zirconium crown, which reflects the original beauty and perfection of the natural teeth.


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