10% discount on the price of the Neodent HelixGM Acqua-Implant

This offer is valid until 05 . 31, 2023th



10% discount on the price of the Neodent HelixGM Acqua -Implant.

In Solydent Dental Clinic, innovation has not stopped. We are constantly working to provide our patients with long-term satisfaction, with excellent expertise, modern dental tools and high-quality dental materials. That is why we have expanded our implant system with the Neodent dental implant from the Swiss Straumann Group. The Neodent HelixGM Acqua implant is a high-purity titanium, hydrophilic surface that improves implant integration into bone tissue and accelerates healing time.
Neodent HelixGM Acqua is a great choice if you want a high quality and reliable implant!



10% discount on the Nobel  implant system

The implant system manufactured by Nobel Biocare is the most widely used implant in the world. The implant consists of an allergy-free material, which is also excellently suitable for patients with metal allergy. As material is unalloyed titanium used.

The classic root-shaped implant provides high stability and has become a popular implant system due to its easy-to-use application. The neck-shaped design helps to reproduce natural teeth and preserve the natural aesthetics of the teeth. Therefore, a natural prosthesis can be produced not only functionally, but also through their visual appearance.

10% discount on all zirconium crowns

Zirconium crown and bridge links are made of the zirconium dioxide material.
This material is particularly hard, completely free of metal and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. Therefore this is the best choice to finish a prosthesis.
The processing is carried out by the cutting edge technology CAD / CAM, so it can be adapted with an excellent quality. The state of the gums remains, and even slows down the decline.
The end product is a durable and natural looking zirconium crown, which reflects the original beauty and perfection of the natural teeth.

Our patient visited our dental clinic for rehabilitation of protruding and discolored teeth. Today we have made zirconium crowns from the most modern material. The result offers a natural effect, a perfect aesthetic appearance and a long lifetime  of the crowns for the patient. After the dental treatment, a satisfied smile was not missing.
Dentist: Dr. Bartha Kristóf
Solydent for your healthy smile!

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