About the town

Győr (Arrabona in Latin from the Roman times, Raab in German) is the county town of Győr-Moson-Sopron County in Hungary. It is the centre of the area and of the western part of the Transdanubian region. It is the sixth largest city in Hungary, outranked only by Pécs in the West of the country.

Győr is a popular holiday destination, owing to the Baroque city centre, nice little streets, wonderful buildings, teeming touristic life and the kindness of the inhabitants. In addition, it is easily approachable (http://solydenthu.loft.trifid.hu/hu/utazasi-infok), which makes it an excellent choice whether for holidays or dental treatment.

Győr is a dynamically developing area of Hungary situated in the “Golden Triangle” of Vienna, Bratislava and Győr. A lot of big companies are attracted here, the most outstanding investor being Audi Hungaria Motor Kft., which has created a large number of workplaces for both inhabitants and experts from abroad. The county town has a university and a college that provide suitable replacements for the labour market. Especially many university students get study and work opportunities at the above-mentioned multinational company.

The city is also an important religious centre. It is the Episcopal seat of both the Catholic and Lutheran Churches, and the centre of the North-Transdanubian Unitarian parish. The church buildings are cultural treasures that trace the history of the inhabitants’ religion back to the era of Saint Stephen.

Cultural life is also outstanding. The theatre, ballet, philharmonic orchestra, museums and numerous festivals all enrich the city.

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